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Recipe Box: Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Do you have a plan for sticking to all your healthy habits over the holidays? 

Recipe Box: Summer Succotash

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, autumn symbolizes for many of us a return to structure, routines and healthy eating. In the kitchen, it’s a season when we can still reap the harvests of summer’s bounty yet also begin to add in some of the luxurious flavours and textures of fall fruits and veggies.

Are you getting quality sleep?

There are many causes for insomnia, but for most people poor sleep habits play a big role. The habits discussed below may or may not be the cause of your insomnia, but they can aggravate any existing sleep condition while also making the root cause very difficult to treat. Understanding the following about your sleep can drastically improve your overall quality of sleep.

Probiotics 2.0 : Heart Health & Your Digestive System?

naturopathic medicine torontoCan probiotics really lower your risk of getting a heart attack? According to a new study, the answer is yes!

Sandy's Recipe Box : Roasted Butternut Squash + Lentils

From the desk of our nutritionist, Sandy, here's a great winter recipe that can be served up warm or cold. A hearty blend of butternut squash and french lentils, the zesty flavour in this recipe will stay with you long after your last forkful goes down.

Healthy Lungs with Naturopathic Medicine

Can you feel the coming of winter in your lungs?

Canadians Consuming Too Much Sugar?

In a report released yesterday, Statistics Canada provided some surprising information about how much sugar Canadians are consuming on a daily basis – on average, 26 teaspoons each and every day. 

What Do Probiotics Really Do for Us?

Almost everyone has heard about the benefits of probiotics, which are the good bacteria for our digestive system. We find them in fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and the Japanese fermented soybean dish, natto. But, what do they really do for us?  How do they bring us good health?

Adara's Top 5 Flu Prevention Tips

Prevention! This infection spreads easily, even with good hygiene. So the best bet is always prevention. Preventive programs should be started in advance of flu season. The key is to prep your immune system and have natural recovery aids in case an infection strikes. This year, be prepared and know how to deal with the bug when it comes knocking on your door. There are safe, effective and natural ways to make flu season a not-so-scary time of year.

Prepare for Flu Season

adara - naturopathic cold flu

The end of summer can mean a few things - back to routine, change of leaves and…flu season. In Canada, flu season runs from November to April and approximately 10-25% of us will catch the flu this year.


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